DollShe Craft has terminated all international dealers

DollShe Craft is terminating dealers at the end of this month. Due to the delay of shipments I had not been taking new orders for many months.

I did not find it fair to place more orders when one of my orders had almost reached 12 months.

I was very happy to work with DollShe Craft, and wish them all the success with their business.

The only DollShe Craft dolls that will be selling on my site are from discontinued orders.

From two recent posts on DollShe Craft’s website:

We have are dealing with a vicious cycle where the number of orders skyrocket during promotional sales period yet it plummets with normal prices,

Only experienced workers are able to manufacture the dolls, and it hasn’t been easy to find capable personnel. It has been difficult to keep up with the orders from the overseas dealers as well as the DollShe Craft shopping mall ones. We are planning to halt all promotional sales activities and only take limited amount of orders.

Until April 30th we will have promotional sales of our entire line collection of dolls, with discounts up to 30%. Afterwards, we will not conduct any other promotional sale.” – discontinuing promotional sales

“We will be accepting overseas dealer orders until April 30th. Due to the continuous increase in raw material prices and personnel compensation, we have seen lower revenues. therefore making it difficult to keep up with the 25% payment of dealer commission fees.

We would like to sincerely thank the dealers for the hard work until now.” – discontinuing overseas dealer sales