8B Classic Heads – DollShe Craft


At 39cm tall DollShe Craft 8B Heads comes in 26 optional skin tones.

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8B Head
8B Classic 39cm
DollShe Craft


Included in order:

– Head
– Certificate of Authenticity

Not included:
Body, Wig, eyes, clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup unless option(s) selected.

Optional Extras:

  • Skin Tone

Pre-order production time:
Doll takes 50-60 working days to be made and sent to Frost Bitten BJD.

Once deliveries arrive at Frost Bitten BJD they will be sorted at earliest convenience and posted out fully insured for next working day tracked shipping.

Body Measurements

8B CLASSIC Head Size & Measurements

Head circumference 6.5in
Neck girth 80mm

Wig size 6-7in
Eye 10 mm